Developing Israel’s

Final Frontier

As a Cleveland-based, non-profit, tax-exempt foundation, The Negev Foundation promotes initiatives that contribute to the agricultural and general economic self-sufficiency of Israel’s southern region, the Negev. The foundation encourages replacing philanthropic support with income derived through the sale of technology, and business entrepreneurship.

We unite farmers, commercial growers, academic institutions, foreign investors and donors, with the end goal of promoting self-sufficiency in the Negev, a region that comprises some 60 percent of the land in Israel.  David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, emphasized as early as the 1950s that Israel’s future depended on the development of the desert land.

Goals & Objectives

The Negev Foundation strives to improve the overall quality of life for all inhabitants in the Negev Region. The foundation has several objectives, all aimed at promoting the Negev region. They include:

  • Supporting applied desert agricultural research
  • Promoting agribusiness opportunities in new foreign markets
  • Encouraging business ventures, while reducing dependence on philanthropy
  • Strengthening economic stability through sound, viable enterprises
  • Transferring of successful applied desert agricultural innovations abroad
  • Promoting economic partnerships through technology transfer and application
  • Advocating environmentally friendly techniques
  • Promoting vocational educational programs to students who plan to make the Negev their home
  • Improving the overall quality of life for all inhabitants of the region