International Program for Agricultural Training in Ramat Negev 2012

Agriculture in Ramat Negev

Ramat Negev Agricultural Training Program 2013 Graduation Video: 

Australian news clip about the importance of agriculture in the Negev Desert (English)

Introduction to the RNDARC International Agricultural Training Program (English)

Ramat Negev 65th Anniversary video (HEBREW)

Out of the Wilderness

“I see populating the Negev as Ramat Negev’s main objective in the upcoming years. An addition of at least 7,000 residents – people who make an honorable living, create, educate, and build.” This is the goal set by the head of Ramat Negev’s regional council, Shmuel Rifman, to realize the challenge of Ben-Gurion’s vision. Ben-Gurion stated that “the enterprise of populating the Negev is the next decade’s hardest and most vital mission.” The development of settlement, industry, agriculture and tourism – through encouragement and support of entrepreneurship, and the creation of a wide array of opportunities open to all – are the foundations of the Ramat Negev regional council’s activities for the creation of a flourishing Negev.

 “Out of the Wilderness”, a video created by the Ramat Negev Regional Council, discusses the vitality of settlement and economic growth in the Negev to the entire state of Israel. It displays the Negev region in a breath-taking light that provides a necessary and positive outlook on the future of the Negev region.